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Blue moon red moon white moon

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No matter how angry, sad, anxious I get, SCHMIDT always turn my mood around

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Nowadays it hard to find people that actually genuinely listen to every.single.thing you say

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Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent
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Nothing is special anymore. No one acknowledges it anyway.

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Really though, never expect too much because everything changes.

Text 31 Aug old fb blog

Be Thankful


It seems that many of us are too rushed to appreciate each day. We’re too busy  going off to work, school, other activities. now were caught up in speed, gotta have it overnight, and computers that need to respond in nanoseconds, we don’t take the time to appreciate the basic goodness of life. And where are we rising to? Destinations we never quite reach even though we continue rushing to them each day. We have become the proverbial dog chasing to its tall. 

Life is not a race, and if it were it would be a relay where we work with and support each other rather than compete. So begin each day for giving thanks and you will see you’ll have more time to enjoy your playing. 

Remember, what you give attention to grows. Rather than giving attention to what you don’t have, start focusing attention on and being thankful for what you have. Often we live our lives on automatic, taking each experience for granted. We are so focused on the aerial aspects of life that we lose sight of everything else.

Text 31 Aug

I really am truly blessed to have friends that share their blessings, who is very supportive and stay humble no matter whatever kind of accomplishments they have in their lives. I am truly blessed to have friends that’s have good influence to me and other people, that makes world a better place. 😊

Text 25 Aug WHAT IF?

"In real life Love is just an old purpose excuse for a selfish behavior"

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MTV Shows

she’s awesome

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