Text 25 Aug WHAT IF?

"In real life Love is just an old purpose excuse for a selfish behavior"

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she’s awesome

Photo 23 Aug Can’t take a decent picture

Can’t take a decent picture

Text 22 Aug Our world is a scary place

In the meantime. For the past week I’ve been following the news and ISIS caught my attention after what the beheading of the AMerican Journalist as a warning to the United States in addition to another threat of killing the other American journalist hostage if the president does not stop the air strikes to specific parts of Syria and Iraq .

So I asked myself, who/what is ISIS?

This documentary sums up the basics of who they are and what their intention. It’s scary to hear that there are currently these kinds of people out there in the world right now.


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Doing shit with yourself

Photo 18 Aug We FaceTime most of the time

We FaceTime most of the time

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When happiness of someone is rubbing onto you! 💜❤️💞 #giddymoments


better off being single than being in an unhealthy relationship 

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